English Sport. Spoilt for Choice?

grassroots football(Photo Credit: blog.pitchero.com, 2014)

This week it has been announced by Sport England that many sports will be receiving cuts in their funding, most notably our national sport Football. Also among the list of funding cuts are; Rowing, Cricket, Netball, Golf and Hockey all sports we as a nation are traditionally ‘good’ at. Funding in large is being cut due to a decrease in participation at grassroots level. in a country steeped in sporting history how can participation in sports be decreasing? Continue reading

Forward Passes Allowed?

Wales v Italy
(Photo Credit: The guardian 2014)

There was always going to be some element of controversy during the opening weekend of the six nations. Aside from the English effectively beating themselves a subject came up that not all rugby players or fans will be too familiar with. Physics. Continue reading